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Producer Of Your Favorite Memories

Robert Margouleff is a Grammy® Award-winning engineer/producer, early synthesizer pioneer, studio owner, and filmmaker. Most noted for his work with electronic music synthesizer programming for Stevie Wonder's "classic period" and the hit album by DEVO titled "Freedom Of Choice/ Whip It."


He has played a major role in bringing synthesizers to the forefront of popular music and went on to create a Hollywood icon production studio mixing the biggest blockbuster films into surround sound for streaming and home theater.



The journey of crafting groundbreaking albums for some of the music industry's most influential artists began with Robert and Malcolm Cecil's prototype modular synthesizer, and a recording deal for Tonto's Expanding Headband named "Zero Time" which was released on Herbie Mann's label, Embryo Records.

Robert Margouleff embarked on his early career in audio production as a pioneer in the development of early synthesizers. After partnering with Malcolm Cecil, they created the mega-synth known as "TONTO" (The Original Neo Timbral Orchestra) which utilized cutting-edge instruments from the likes of Moog', ARP, and many others.


As a result of their teamwork, this monumental synthesizer led to their team's historic co-production of Stevie Wonder's "classic period" which is featured on The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone: #34 'Innervisions' (1973), and #59 'Talking Book' (1972).

Fast forward to the present day, this iconic synthesizer has undergone a recent restoration and now lives inside Studio Bell at The National Music Centre in Calgary, Canada.


GRAMMY® Award Winner

16th Annual GRAMMY Awards 1973
WINNER: Best Engineered Recording "Innervisions"


Critically acclaimed recording engineer and producer Robert Margouleff has been at the helm of hit records for Stevie Wonder, DEVO, Oingo Boingo, GWAR, The Isely Brothers, Depeche Mode, and David Sanborn. Margouleff's work can be found listed multiple times in the official list of Top Records Of All Time. 

Margouleff's first film, "CIAO! MANHATTAN" has become an iconic piece of pop culture over the last 60 years. Robert recently completed work on audio mixing and recordings for the new animated film, "TOO LATE", giving a candid insight into the life of Andy Warhol's first superstar Edie Sedgwick. The film has also recently won numerous film awards and was a hit of Across The Globe Film Festival.

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In 2004, Margouleff founded Mi Casa Multimedia, which provided award-winning audio post services to the entertainment industry. The studio was a pioneer in the preparation of theatrical motion pictures for 5.1 and 7.1 surround projects for DVD, Blu-ray and streaming formats, receiving multiple honors and awards for their work.

By utilizing and renovating Bela Lugosi's home in the Hollywood hills, Margouleff was able to craft 3 custom studios, with the help of the famed studio architecture firm WSDG, into a powerhouse of audio production heard around the world as a gold-standard for quality in film and television audio.

Margouleff found a niche in the Hollywood film industry given his many years as a producer, synthesist, and sound designer. Mi Casa Multimedia went on to mix & master audio in surround for hit features such as The Lord of The Rings trilogy, X-Men, Sound Of Music, and the restoration of the early James Bond 007 film catalogue.

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