HEAR 360

This new technology is the next great disruptor on the sonic landscape. HEAR 360 audio will forever change the way we record and listen to music, video and film.


HEAR 360 offers an incredible personal listening experience by delivering 7.1 surround channels on the horizon and 5 channels above – on any headphones. The result is a tremendously heightened sense of situational awareness and engagement.


HEAR 360 is encoded within a traditional stereo file, with no special decoder required for playback. So it is instantly available to everyone who uses headphones with their mobile devices. 


HEAR 360 finally gives composers, artists and producers the power to create a compelling and immersive sound space that adds real value for consumers.  


And owners of 5.1 and 7.1 music and soundtrack catalogs can now create modern HEAR 360 mixes from their existing SACD, DVD audio and home theater surround mixes.  All HEAR 360 content can be distributed through the usual digital music and video retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Google, Tidal and Spotify.


HEAR 360 Headphone Surround was developed by a team of award-winning audio engineers, producers and innovative software developers.


Grammy Award-winner Robert Margouleff is working closely with the developers and is very adept at creating and delivering content using this incredible new technology.


HEAR 360 content is expansive, immersive and thrilling. Wonderfully simple, yet truly revolutionary, HEAR 360 is set to push our existing sound technology into the new Millennium.


Find out today how Margouleff and Associates can produce, record and mix your work in HEAR 360 Headphone Surround, and give you a whole new market advantage.  


The Music Unfolds In Your Head. Enjoy the Ride!