Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs his own music. He has played guitar, bass and keyboards and sung in the bands for Siobhan Fahey (Shakespeare’s Sister/Bananarama), Whitey (Dim Mak), drinkme, Piel, Bunny (PIAS), Joaquin Phoenix, Adamandevil, Kerli (Island/DefJam). His film credits include: playing piano in “Penelope” (Christina Ricci), playing viola on “The Golden Age” (Cate Blanchett) His Television credits include: playing guitar on “Search for a Star” and playing bass on “The All Star Talent Show”. His music video credits include drinkme and whitey in numerous music videos, also appearing with Skunk Anansie in the video for “Hedonism” and dancing for them at The Brit Awards

His production credits include: Oki-dog, drinkme, Xerox, Spider, Bethia Beadman (Courtney Love band), Hector Rowland, Whitey, Piel, Adamandevil, Fort King, Reverend Sickhead.


His remixes have been for: Siobhan Fahey, Noblesse Oblige, Nemo, Aphletik, Superstudio, Marina Celeste (Nouvelle Vague) He has DJ-ed worldwide in clubs from The Razzmatazz in Barcelona, the Maria in Berlin, Death Disco/Kill All Hippies/Transmission/The Queen is Dead/The Secret Door in London, Happy Endings in New York, Standard Hotels in Los Angeles In the past year, aside from cowriting/engineering/programming on the second Whitey album he has recorded over 100 original songs, working with artists such as JC Chasez (N Sync), Tiki Lewis (Piel), and Kerli He has also started on a collaborative collection of cover versions of songs that he loves with artists that he respects.